Seeking help to usher in

PlanetWatcher 2.0


Golden Compass


Collective Consciousness


Life is about the journey, not the destination.
Happiness is now, not in some imaginary future.

Working toward a goal and enjoying the moment is heaven.
Attaching to a goal and not enjoying the process is hell.

If you'd like to work with a mad genius such as myself on a selfless service to the world, please get in touch with me. My Kundalini Awakening shattered my ego and freed me from consumptive modeling. I want it to be free and open source. I'm especially interested in Javascript and mobile developers with altruistic passion. If you're tired or overwhelmed, it might be because you're under-loved, not over-worked. Creativity feeds the soul.

I have big plans - a strategy to spread the true power and potential of astrology to the masses. It's what I always dreamed of for this site but couldn't accomplish because of incompatible social programming that I purged. I released attachments and deleted belief, and now my potential is boundless.

Love is an act of creation,
of giving, not for return favor, but because it's its own reward.
Love, not money, binds humanity.

Ascension Mosaic

Astrology reveals our Divine Blueprint

Astrology is far more valuable than how it's often used. Our planet and star system is ascending. We need all the help we can get in achieving higher dimensions of consciousness. The three dimensional reality matrix is disintegrating. Spiritual maturity can help us to step up our game and make the leap.

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