The Year 2020

Seeing the path ahead

When we are seated in the center of the heart, our vision is 2020.

Bifurcation of Time

Our planet faces a crossroads at the bifurcation of time. We must choose a path. As we ascend into the higher frequencies, the lower ones dissolve. The three dimensional world and the structures that hold it together will break down in more visible ways.

Aligning with ego, scarcity, and free will places us on the descending path. Aligning with Higher Self, abundance, and divine will places us on the ascending path. We use the five senses of the material world to navigate the descending path. We look inward to find inner resources to navigate the the ascending path. The mind descends, and the heart ascends.

Fear is a valuable motivator at the level of ego, as well as guilt, shame, desire, anger, and pride. Pretending that these emotions don't exist traps us in them. Authenticity and self-honesty helps us face our fears and overcome them, eventually moving into the realm of love, courage, joy, peace, and enlightenment. Courage is the gateway.

True North is the highest good of everyone. Ego lives in scarcity and wants to hold onto everything. Higher Self lives in abundance and releases all attachments. Ego uses spoken language. Higher Self is telepathic.

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Focus and unfocus your eyes on the different themes to gain new perspectives on the emerging patterns.

The waxing and waning moons are the cosmic in-breath and out-breath that sets everything else in synchronic flow.

Ingresses are like new chapters of experience, stations are like vantage points of expanded perspective on a mountain top along the journey, and aspects are the conversations that help us to better understand our collective psychology.

As events flow into and out of each other, a story emerges - the evolution of consciousness.

This year ignites the crystal heart.

Aligning to Center

The three dimensional realm is governed by duality. Here we avoid pain and pursue pleasure. Ascending to the higher realm involves enduring pain while not pursuing pleasure. This is the middle path. It's accessible only in the present moment, the still place beyond duality.

When we occupy the crystal heart, the three dimensional laws of cause and effect fade into the background, and we become capable of manifesting our multidimensional potential. In that state, latent human abilities such as Higher Sensory Perception are possible. Because of shifts occuring on our planet now, more and more people are waking up to this emerging reality.

Everyone and everything is affected by this, the entire planet and ecosystem right down to the last subatomic particle. The importance of the year 2012 was over sensationalized in order to distract you from what is actually occurring because in the 3D world of scarcity, everyone lies to each other in the interest of self-preservation. Authenticity is virtually nonexistent. In order to ascend to the upper realm, we must remove the mask. In the process of ascension, every moment is a new awakening, and life becomes magical. Authenticity hurts, so learning to endure pain is necessary if you want freedom.

Suggested Reading

The mind directs action

I will update this list as I feel moved. Please know that I acknowledge and appreciate all of the comments I receive through the contact form. If I don't respond, it's because I'm taking the time to align to Higher Self rather than speak from ego. I have one foot in the lower realm and one foot in the higher realm. If you feel moved to support me materially, please visit my patreon page. As I more fully align to Higher Self, all the support that I receive is channeled upward toward the highest good. We all support each other.

Suggested Retreat

Action creates results

The three dimensional realm is composed of body, emotion, and mind. Working solely on the level of mind will only get you so far. Progressing on the path of ascension requires harmonizing all three components. Mind provides direction. Body makes it real. Emotion is the interface that connects them into a flowing continuum. Real progress requires action, and the body is the container that makes it possible. A centered body supports the entire framework. Dhamma helped me center my body. Getting to the center of the body requires digging through the accumulation of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attachments that are piled on top of it. Reducing the reactivity of the body centers everything else.

Inner Work

Every moment is precious

Emotions are energy in motion. If we don't allow them to flow, then we can't harmonize the mind with the body. Facing emotions can be achieved in a simple four step process: acknowledge, accept, embrace, explore. Emotions can always be expressed in a single word. Eliminating the complexity of mental processes that continually seek to hide our emotions in the fog of an over-active mind opens the channel and brings us into present moment awareness so that we can clearly see the circumstance we are in.

The external world is a perfect mirror of the internal world, and it provides valuable clues to better understand our inner environment. To free ourselves from the victim mentality of external cause and effect belief systems, we can compare and constrast the simultaneous events occurring in the inner and outer worlds because they reflect each other in every moment. When we find the balance point between them, we are in centered alignment. Nothing is random. The true nature of reality is not governed by the laws of the external world that you were taught in school. Everything is connected.


Stairway to heaven

The process of ascension brings simultaneous unification both inward and outward. It's not subject to the three dimensional laws of cause and effect because those laws are based on the false assumption that matter is the substrate of reality when the truth is that consciousness is far more fundamental.

Every step you take toward inner unification automatically translates to the outer world. We can choose to focus our attention on our circle of influence (that which we have true power to change - our thoughts, feelings, and actions) or our circle of concern (the external world of cause and effect that we can't control). Focusing on the circle of influence builds strength while focusing on the circle of concern builds weakness. Making a difference in the world requires that we be honest with ourselves about what we truly have the power to influence and minimizing the time we spend on things that we have no control over.