PlanetWatcher 2018 Calendar

New package bundle this year!


This year, Chris Brennan and I teamed up to try something new. We're offering a set of calendars as a package bundle, and Chris will fulfill orders. We hope that this is a win-win for everyone. As we experiment, we welcome your feedback. Do you like the new deal, not like it, or have other suggestions? Let us know!

I apologize for not getting back to all those who contacted me wondering when the calendars will be available this year, and thank you for bearing with us during this transition.

Kirk Kahn
PlanetWatcher Founder

(PS - Bulk discount available)

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Also, here's a timelapse video I made of my creation of the 2011 calendar. It's kind of a cool retro look at the old style. The background imagery is basically the same this year, but the other graphics have evolved over time.