PlanetWatcher 2016 Calendar

only the most important astrological events for an instant overview of the entire year!

About the star events:

2016 Calendar Legend
  • Sign Ingresses
    indicate a shift in one's style of expression. All planets are included plus the sun and lunar nodes.
  • Planetary Aspects
    indicate climactic moments in personal and worldy events. Select outer planet aspects are included.
  • Planetary Stations
    indicate important turning points in personal and worldy events. All planets are included with exact time and degree.
  • Lunar Phases
    indicate the rhythm of our conscious and unconscious motivations and the beginning and culminating of projects.
  • Eclipses
    often coincide with notable changes in our lives. Exact time, degree, type of eclipse, location, and saros cycle are included.
  • Legend:
    a handy reference for those still learning the glyphs
  • Large:
    11x17 inches for easy viewing yet small enough to fit in a cubicle
  • At a glance:
    quickly see all the important astrological events for the entire year

About the art:

2016 Calendar Art
The design depicts the branchings of the four elements and is partly influenced by the Saturn-Neptune theme of the year.

From oneness emerges duality, enshrouded in an atmosphere of charged ions. Duality is again divided to form the four elements of the manifest world.

The quintessence, or perhaps the animating life force, binds opposites together in a dynamic harmony. It is where oneness and diversity meet, where worldy and other-worldy mingle.

Each orb is composed of and surrounded by symbols relating to its element.
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