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clean and uncluttered so the eye does not get distracted by frequent, less significant astrological events!

Complete 2013 dates of astrological transits for all planets, signs, and aspects:

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Some of the astrological events depicted in this calendar are shown on different dates to be more logical and/or intuitive. If a planetary station or ingress occurs within a couple hours before midnight, then it is moved to the following day. An example would be if Mercury stations retrograde on August 2nd at 11:50pm, then it appears as retrograde on August 3rd instead. Also, aspects and lunations are moved to the previous day if they occur within a couple hours after midnight. An example would be if a full moon occurs around 2:00am on July 15th, then it might appear as full on July 14th instead. In all cases, the exact dates and times listed in the left column remain unchanged.